democratizing professional video for all - from one camera to thousands of streams

Software for GPU accelerated encoding, transcoding and streaming on standard Intel QuickSync® hardware in simple subscription packages.

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Capture up to 12G-SDI, 4K HDMI from many types of PCIe cards and dongles. Connect your professional cameras, webcams or playout servers.


Transcode from H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, MPEG2 sources and generate SPTS/MPTS multicast, HLSv7, DASH, MSS, RTMP.

Advanced features

Add closed captions, DRM protect, send outputs to CDNs, Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, add overlays and many more!

Noisypeak Connected supports Apple® FairplayGoogle® DRM, Microsoft® Playready DRM systems. WebDAV, WebDAV/FTP publishing, overlays, processing subtitles, ShoutCast® for audio and many other critical features to make your video project shine!

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Noisypeak encoders feature set


TS files- file2live, file2vod
HLS, HTTP progressive
SDI/HD-SDI, HDMI trough Magewell®, Blackmagic® add on modules
SDP/Onvif for IP security cams
Dynamic input adjustment for codec and protocols Audio AAC/AAC LATM, MP2/3, AC3, EAC3
RTMP input


UDP unicast/multicast SPTS, MBTS/SPTS, MPTS MPEG-DASH Live and VOD
HLS v2 and v5 with multi-language support
SCTE35 detection and pass-through (CUE-In/CUE-Out messages)
Microsoft® Smooth Streaming
RTMP (w. Akamai® support)
TS and MP4 files
WebDAV or Windows® share (Samba), FTP
Multi format simultaneous publishing
DVB PID pass-through
DVB Burn-in subtitles
Closed captions - CEA-708, EIA-608, WebVTT
HLS secondary destination point
WebDAV authorization
SCTE35 detection and splicing
HLS/SPTS streams selection (user can skip some streams)
Video passthrough
MPEG DASH timelined manifest


Apple® Fairplay
Nagra® PRM
Microsoft® Playready
AES128 static key

Video encoding

Up to 4K video processing
MPEG2, H.264, HEVC, VP9
Static Images preview generation
Logotype, texts string overlays
Baseline, Main and High profiles
Picture in Picture up to 4 streams
Framerates: fixed to source framerate
Linear time-code generation
Single input to multi-stream output
Look ahead buffer
NAL HRD conformance parameters:
a. HRD buffer length
b. HRD initial delay
GOP structure adjustment:
a. frame-accurate closed GOP length
b. B-frames count
c. re-frames count
d. IDR interval
e. Slice count
h.264 AVCC/Annex B at the input
h.264 Annex B for multicast/hls output
h.264 AVCC for RTMP output
Video post-processing:
a. Scaling
b. Cropping
c. Deinterlacing
d. LetterboxingUp to 4K video processing

Audio encoding

Support of multi-audio channels MP2/MP3
AAC-LC up to 512kb/s
HE-AAC up to 128kb/s
Gain control
Advanced sample rate transform
Audio leveling
Shoutcast output
Audio-only transcoding (radio)
Different audio templates for each output of single channel
Audio passthrough


Management of up to 50 encoders in uniform Web interface
Zabbix® integration
SNMP management
API managementManagement of up to 50 encoders in uniform Web interface
Zabbix® integration
SNMP management
API management


Redundancy management system
that support:
n+1, n+m, 1+1
Input source redundancy in
standard image
Publishing server redundancy

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    1 DRM support - GoogleDRM®, Fairplay®, Playready®
    2 SDI in/out, HDMI in - support of up to 4K input/output
    3 Multicast output - SPTS, MPTS, MBTS support for IPTV/CableTV setups
    4 HEVC support with up to 4K HEVC 10bit
    5 NDI output support
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GPU accelerated perfomance

Benchmarking Performance: Intel® NUC-i7-8559U, HD Graphics 655, 2*8GB RAM DDR4 2400 MHz, SSD 256GB

More benchmarking details are here


Up to


Up to


Up to


Up to

Transcoding - deliver your channels to IPTV, OTT, DVB environments in the highest quality.

MPTS/SPTS inputs, MPTS/SPTS/MBTS outputs, all major packetizers and DRMs including HLS, DASH, MSS, RTMP and Fairplay, Google® DRM, Playready for DRM. Advanced publishing to build-in web server, external WebDAV, FTP Origins.

LiveTV to Multiscreen OTT

LiveTV to Multicast IPTV and Cable TV

Encoding - deliver your live events in up to 4K 60FPS

SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI/12G-SDI, 4K HDMI full support through Blackmagic®, Magewell®, Innogeni® PCIe cards and USB dongles.

Noisypeak Connected works on a wide range hardware from few to hundreds of channels in clustered 24x7 non-stop systems

Intel® NUC. Powerful 4x4-inch mini PC (Core i3/i5/i7). Buy Now
Microsoft® Surface™. Hybrid tablet.  Buy Now
HP® Z2 Tower G4 Workstation. Server-grade desktop workstation. Buy Now
Supermicro® SuperServer™ 1019C-HTN2. Standard 1U server solution. Buy Now

Large configs for hundreds of channels:

Supermicro® Microblade™. Ultra high-density solution, up to 14 microblades/48 CPUs. Contact Us

HP® Moonshot™. Ultra high-density solution, up to 45 ProLiant™ m710x server blades. Contact Us
We are glad to support you in your high-density projects for 10 to 1000 channels. Our platfrom scales with adding Linux based transcoding nodes on supported platforms Supermicro® Microblade™ and HP® Moonshot™.  Contacts us

Enjoy simple UI for all most complex video scenarios

Integrate Noisypeak Connected into your workflow to build complex or highly scaleable solutions

We provide compherensive professional services to build custom, highly scaleable solutions on the  basis of Noisypeak Connected platform. NP connected support expandability with Linux based transcoding nodes including disk-less nodes with PXE boot. NP Connected has full set of simple to use JSON/REST API interfaces to use every feature and every capability from extranal systems and applicatons. We're welcome you to make Noisypeak Connected advanced encoder and transcoder to become an integrated part of your projects. Contact us

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NP Connected?

NP Connected is software to perform wide range of functions for audio/video encoding, transcoding, packetizing, DRM protection and streaming. The main purpose of the product is to make video streams available from any source to any playback device.

What platforms NP Connected software run?

NP Connected runs on generally available Intel off-the-shelf hardware platforms. The main requirement is Intel CPU with embedded GPU with support of Intel Quick Sync and DirectX 11.2. Typical examples of Intel chips with QuickSync are Intel Core family (Broadwell and newer), Intel Xeon E3 (v4, v5, v6) and Intel® Xeon® E Processor E-2176G.
Samples of tested platforms are provided by this link

Is my CPU/GPU supported?

The list of QuickSync enabled CPUs you can find here. NP Connected doesn't use video acceleration of Nvidia® CUDA/NVENC and AMD GPUs but we are considering of adding these options.

What OS do you support?

Our software runs on Microsoft® Windows™. The best is Windows® 10 Enterprise LTSB (Long-Term Servicing Branch) for its small footprint and 10 years support cycle. For large setups of 50+ channels we support Linux nodes to extend transcoding capacity. Speak to our integration team for Linux support capabilities (

What capture cards do you support?

We support Blackmagic®, Magewell® and Innogeni® PCIe cards and USB dongles. These cards allow very broad spectrum of capturing/encoding out SDI and HDMI sources. If you like to support any other type of hardware send us a note (

What is performance of your software?

On Intel GPU UHD655 (for example Intel® NUC Kit with 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor - NUC8i3BEH) you can process up to 2 UHD HEVC channels, 5-10 HD channels, 9-20 SD channels. Factual perfomance depends on quality and video encoding/transcoding settings, video formats, number of renditions per channel (e.g. ABR HLS/DASH).

What are the video decoders/encoders do you support?

MPEG2, H.264, HEVC

What is the maximum number of channels do you support?

Our software scales with adding more NP Connected transoders or with extension of NP Connected transcoders with video transcoding nodes on Linux. Speak to us for quoting/integrating large video processing solutions (

Can we integrate your produt in our solution, technology, pipeline?

OEM/ODM requrests are welcome. NP Connected has simple to use Web UI for management and full support for all features through JSON/REST APIs. We are welcome any custom development requests. Speak to us

What is the difference between NP Connected and your standalone products NP One, NP Cell, NP Blade?

The key difference is NP Connected is subscription based product which time to time connects to our cloud servers to re-new, re-validate the license. NP Connected over the period of time will support gradual features licensing where you can select and pay only for the features you need. NP One/Cell/Blade provides full range of features and can be offered as a software license and/or fully configured hardware platforms. NP One/Cell/Blade can work with permanent license without the need to have Internet connection.

Do you plan to support Linux based OSes?

We support Linux as capacity expansion external transcoding nodes for highly scalable solutions to serve 50+ channels. Pure Linux mode is the work in progress. We've initially developed software for Windows® as Intel® Quick Sync support was better implemented for it. We are working on moving our software into 100% Linux environment and plan to complete it by Q4 2019. At this moment we offer Linux based video transcoding nodes that can be connected to Windows hosts to extend video transcoding capacity.

Is the software stable for 24x7 production environments?

Yes it is. Software can work without any changes and reboots for years. It's always carefully tested before any new releases.

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